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Concept, performance: Imre Vass

Photo, video: Tamara Vadas Zsófia, Imre Vass

Support: PLACCC festival

From one day to the next, toilet paper became a symbol of special significance. An ordinary object that protected us from the pandemic during the state of emergency (ownership of dozens of toilet paper rolls enhanced our security) and helped us to ease our crave for shopping as well.

As we flatten the curve, the number of new cases is still increasing worldwide. Borders open and close, hotspots disappear and re-form.

It’s time to look back and digest what happened to us before the second wave comes. How did we behave and how did we wear it? What did we learn from the last three months?

During the five-hour walk, the toilet paper rolls are outside their natural habitat as a reminder for passer-by to gently ask them to reflect how they dealt with pandemic.


Are we ready for taking a second?

photos by Tamara Zsófia Vadas
videos by Tamara Zsófia Vadas
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