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Imre Vass - Vasi is an independent performing artist, dancer and choreographer, based in Budapest.

“I host environments for a non-harmful exploration of the comfort zone, to overcome the uncomfortable while tuning, training and sharpening the muscles of attention. Playing with expectations, flirting with ambiguities and obvious choices while swerving away from the mainstream I intend to liberate energies of the participants of the event (both performers and spectators).”

He is supported by the Life Long Burning - Creative Crossroads program (2023-2024). During 2024 he will have residencies by the support of Nomad Dance Academy - Slovenia in Ljubjana and Antisezona in Zagreb.

He completed his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. He is a danceWEB scholarship recipient (2010), a participant in the SPAZIO – a European Network for Dance Creation (2012-2013). He received the Lonardo mobility grant and was an L1 resident in 2012. He participated 3 times in The Research into the Unknown program (2008-2013) and the Philadelphia Bilateral Artist Exchange Program (2016) as well as he is part of Artist-Partnership Programme of Workshop Foundation.

Between 2018-2020, he is a member of the International Contemporary Dance Collective intiated by ilDance. They created it will come later (2018) and toured internationally (Budapest, Krakow, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Hong Kong amongst other cities). They released a publication PUSH - it will come later (2020).

He is a three-time STAFÉTA winner: STANDING GROUND (2017), Game Changer (2021) and RELAX (2023). His choreography  taking place (2016) was nominated for a Rudolf Laban award for the best experimental contemporary dance prize, his apartment theater performance IITTHOONN (2019) he created together with Dávid Somló won the Péter Halász award, his performance Game Changer (2021) he created in collaboration with Tamara Zsófia Vadas and Csaba Molnár won both the Rudolf Laban and Péter Halász award.

In Hungary, he worked with choreographers and companies such as Kelemen Patrik, Viktor Szeri, HODWORKS, Tünet Együttes, STEREO Akt. Abroad with Ultima Vez (BE), Rapid Eye (DK), Ingri Fiksdal (NO) and United Sorry (AT\NL). He performs regularly at the Trafo and MU theaters, and has been invited several times to the dunaPart – Contemporary Performing Arts Platform and NEXTFESZT. He performed at the PLACCC, Sziget, Bánkitó and Kolorádó festivals, the Performing Arts Forum Festival, Collegium Hungaricum, DOCK 11 in Berlin as well as in London, Amsterdam, Olmütz and Sofia.

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