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announcemenet of the programme of dunaPart 6 - independent performing arts platform 

in_form and game changer were selected for dunaPart 6. DunaPart is organized by Trafó House of Contemporary Arts presenting the works of Hungarian and local makers for an international audience of professionals to grant visibility to the Hungarian independent performing arts scene, to sustain existing networks and create new connections by offering an intense four-day programme biannually.

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Life Long Burning - Creative Crossroads - Cycle 1 - 2023-2024 meeting

Imre vass got selected for the new cycle of Creative Crossroads (2023-2024) and spent 3 days of meeting with the Life Long Burning partners and the Creative Crossroads artist in Vienna hosted by Impulstanz.

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Rudolf Laban award and Péter Halász award 2021

game changer won the Lábán Rudolf prize, awarded to the best contemporary dance performance in Hugary, together with Jenan Jalonen's chorography Ring.

Game changer also won the best innovative and experimental theater prize, the Péter Halász Award together with the pieces:

Panna Adorjáni – Dániel Láng: Closer, László Göndör / Éva Katona: living the dream with grandma, Grotesque Gymnastics: The Anatomy of Failure.

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Péter Halász Award 2019

IITTHHOONN received the best Hungarian experimental theater, Péter Halász award. The board of curators has decided to recognize all six nominees - to draw attention to the independent theater makers, the acuity of the situation in theatrical life.

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