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just asks you to pay a little attention to what is in front of and under your feet.
Inward and downward looking at the same time, grounding, but not tied to a lump.
An attempt to bring the spectators, the performers and the base on which the performance takes place to a common denominator.
If only for a moment, but to equate the different points of view with the ground.

Concept, choreography: Imre Vass
Creation, performance: Viktória Dányi, Patrik Kelemen, Lili Raubinek, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, Júlia Vavra
Music, sound: Áron Porteleki
Lights: Miklós Mervel
Animation: András Juhász
Stage design: Imre Vass

Production Partner: Katlan csoport


Support:Ministry of Human Capacities, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Workshop Foundation, Sín Culture Center,Mu Theater, New Performing Art Foundation

The production was created within the framework of the STAFÉTA project, supported by the Budapest CityCouncil.

animation  and edit by András Juhász

photos by György Cserkúty, Kővágó Nagy Imre, Balogh Roland

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