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David Somló and Imre Vass - IITTHHOONN - Halász Péter-award 2019 for the best Hungarian experimental theatre

"The performers/creators are leading the audience's attention with sounds, light and movement in a way that I even loose the details that are right next to me. Dávid are Imre are liberating the word 'home': a bedroom where one can climb around on the top of the furniture like a cat, there are no more obstacles, but maybe it is not even a bedroom anymore.” Orbán Krisztina, Kulter Full Review in Hungarian

How often do you clean your flat? How often do you rearrange your room? What was the longest time you spent in your flat without leaving it? Did it ever happen to you, that you were just about to leave, but then you were just staring at the wall for 15 minutes? Is the personal space an obstacle or an inspiration?

IITTHHOONN (‘at home’ in hungarian) is a site-specific performance by David Somló and Imre Vass in one of theirs flat. IITTHHOONN makes a stage out of a bedroom. It balances between the illusory paradoxes of theatre/home, abstract/everyday, sacred/mundane.

David Somló and Imre Vass are working together on site-specific and contemporary theatre performances since 2011. They had performances in a turkish bath, a boat house, a synagogue garden, public spaces and an alpine shed. Their most identifying and still running performance is ‘it comes it goes’ form 2013, which explores extreme repetition. The piece which premiered in Amsterdam, was played in various iterations in London, Berlin, Budapest, Győr and in Stadl an der Mur.

Concept and performance: Dávid Somló, Imre Vass

Choreography: imre Vass

Sound: Dávid Somló

Video: Dávid Somló

Costume: Dávid Somló,, Imre Vass

Stage design: Dávid Somló, Imre Vass

Photo: Dávid Somló

Production Partner: Katlan Csoport

Support:  Just the two of us

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