The PERSONAL TRAINER performance series aims to explore the notion of progress on the personal level. It invites the audience to spend time and space to map their reasons and tendencies of becoming different, more or advanced. What are the desires and motivations to be better, to be fitter, to grow, to evolve?


is the 1st episode of the series


Pure form cannot exist by itself. It has to be held in some kind of material or energetic basis. Literally to ’inform’ means ’to put form into’ something. Even our sense impressions, emotions and thoughts has been found to be carried by physical and chemical processes taking place in the nervous system and the brain. - argues David Bohm in his essay Meaning and Information.

in_form is a movement-based performance that uses amplified breathing sounds (dominant scope of the show) and stays on the very edge of visibility.

in_form asks the audience to listen. Nuance differences in the tone of breathing, ripples of wind created by movements inform the audience that the performer is still there until they start to see the contour of him.

How informative can a simple breath be?

He resonates the space with his own voice and with also an amplified headset mic.


Even though audibility and visibility increase towards the end of the piece, in_form, stays still a shadow of itself.

duration: 35min

created and performed by Imre Vass

Production Partner: Katlan Csoport

Support: AQB, Ministry of Human Capacities, Workshop Foundation, Sín Culture Center

Special thanks to: Marcio M. Canabarro, Csaba Molnár, Dávid Somló, Júlia Vavra

photo by János R. Szabó