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“Seen positively a person without character is someone flexible, someone who can take on any form, role or function. This shapelessness – or felixibility – goes hand in hand with serious economical efficiency.”
             (Byung-Chual HAN: The Burnout Society)

“My part time job is to dance in a shop window for five days, from Monday to Friday. You cannot buy anything in the shop. My dancing four hours daily is a performance, a spectacle, a kind of service.”

(VASS Imre)

According to an American study out of the twenty most physically demanding jobs being a dancer is number one. Taking fitness, stamina, flexibility and physical coordination into account a dancer is subject to greater physical stress than a construction worker, an oil rig worker or a fitness instructor.


28.09.2020. - 02.10.2020. Budapest, Kárly krt. 10.                                                         

10am to 2pm

A performance is intangible, as opposed to a loaf of bread or a building. But the artistic product – be its original goal to entertain, to raise awareness or simply to be art in itself – becomes a commodity, and enters the marketplace and circulation of such products.

Who profits – and to what degree – off of a dancer’s physical muscle work? Is being useful for a society a necessary or sufficient condition for a product being present in the marketplace, for exchanging their creative energies for money?

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