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game changer

“Sorry. We tried, but it didn't work. We tried to get back to normalcy, to the dark theater, to create a dance performance, and to do what we did best - but we failed.

We tried the opposite: to do something different, to do something differently, to answer the question: what can three creators do for radical change in the last hour? We got stuck between two directions. In a gap between revolutionary change and stationariness. We got stuck this a rigid, dark and empty space called a black-box theater. We pull the rug from under the audience as well as ourselves, to then take the first step. ”

Tamara Vadas Zarafia, Csaba Molnár, Imre Vass

In their latest collective work, the three of them search for intermediate spaces, exploring the possibilities and impossibilities of change. They reflect on each other, on their perceptions of their creative roles, on their relationship with their audience, on the social and institutional frameworks that surround them. They start out dancing but end up finding themselves in theatrical situations. And us too. They give something different and expect something different from the viewer.

The term “game changer” first appeared in the sports jargon (1982), referring to the unexpected strategy at the end of the game without changing the rules of the game. Soon, the term appeared in business and then in politics as well. It means an idea, event or method that results in a substantial change in the current situation or its perception. Those who originated the idea get to a situation of monopoly until the next paradigm shift.


How can we perceive a situation or problem from a fresh, new angle? How can a product of art emerge from its own plane and act on a different level? 

Makers and performers: Tamara Zsófia Vadas, Csaba Molnár, Imre Vass

Lights:  Kata Dézsi

Sound: Máté Janky

Animation, projection: Anrdás Juhász

Production Assistant: Lili Melánia Kárpáti

Production Partner: Katlan Csoport      
Coproduction partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts  

Support: Ministry of Human Capacities, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, ART QUarter Budapest, Staféta Project, Füge Productions

The production was created within the framework of the STAFÉTA project, supported by the Budapest CityCouncil.

photos by Gergő Ofner

07.10.2021.       Premiere                             



15.07.2022.       Bánkitó festival                   


25.11.2023.       dunaPart 6 - Platform in Hungary      

31.03.2024.       Vier Tage Tanz                    

Trafó, Budapest, Hungary

Trafó, Budapest, Hungary

Trafó, Budapest, Hungary

Bánk, Hungary

Trafó, Budapest, Hungary

Trafó, Budapest, Hungary

Theater Bremen, Bremen, Germany

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