imre vass

After finishing the Budapest Comprehensive Dance School in 2007, he worked with Hungarian companies such as HODWORKS, The Symptoms, Artus, STEREO Akt, Márta Ladjánszki and Theatre JEL.

In 2009 he joined the Brussels based Ultima Vez for the production and the international tour of neiuwZwart. He worked with United Sorry in the Forest Project in Peggau, Steirischer Herbst Festival and Brut, Vienna (2013). He choreographed KASPAR for Rapid Eye in Danse Hallerne, Copenhagen (2014). He collaborated in creating Cosmic Body with Ingri Fiksdal (2015). He collaborated with STEREO Act in Kobers Paradis in Helsingor and Copenhagen  (2016, 2017) and with hannsjana and STEREO Act in Escape room Europe in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (2017).

In 2010 he participated the danceWEB scholarship programme during the Vienna International Dance Festival and the Research Into The Unknown organized by Workshop Foundation. He was also selected for the first edition of SPAZIO – A Europian network for dance creation in 2012-2013. He was an L1 resident in 2012 and he participated the 3 week long  Philadelphia Bilateral Artist Exchange Program in 2016 organized by Philadelphia Dance Projects and Workshop Foundation Budapest.


Since 2010 he is making his own works. His major interest is the dialogue between the body and mind, and the correlation of the performer, the performance and the audience. He made solos: Expecting (2011) and G A P (2012), REMAKE (2015), duos: i     t  co   m  e   s  i   tg   o  e s (2013), One for me, one for you (2014) and group pieces: taking place (2016), STANDING GROUND (2017). Beside black-box pieces he also makes performances in white-cube and other places: The painbody (2015), Freeplay at the periphery (2017).